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About Us

Craft Work Capital was formed to invest in and help grow mechanical, electrical and other related specialty contracting firms. Our industry experience and track record of success gives us insight as to what makes these businesses tick and how to create value.


To make strategic investments in great companies in the mechanical, electrical and other related specialty contracting sectors. Through investment and support, enable leadership teams to grow their businesses and drive performance to the next level.


Mechanical and electrical contractors are at the forefront of driving economic vitality in the U.S. The economic growth stemming from the reindustrialization of America and the continued growth of high tech, healthcare and education investment require the high-value solutions these firms offer. This is especially true with the long-term trend of end-use customers demanding ever increasing standards of energy security and energy efficiency to support their organizations’ goals.


Hard Work: We value hard work and work done well; work that creates value for customers, partners and teammates.

Integrity: In all circumstances we strive to be straightforward and fair. We give respect to our customers, our partners and our teammates. We do what we say we are going to do and if we fall short, we are accountable and make it right.

Teamwork: Teamwork is a force multiplier. Merely working with others does not constitute teamwork. True teamwork entails clarity of purpose and a shared mission built on a foundation of common values. We are all unique individuals with our own skills, backgrounds and perspectives and as a team we can achieve much more.